Play Days & Festivals

Play Days are a great way for kids age 12 and under to play tennis in a fun, non-threatening, non-elimination, competitive environment. Over the duration of a few hours, a Play Day allows kids to experience serving, rallying and scoring in an informal competition. What does a Play Day look like? Take a look at some photos.

Kids participate at their level with opponents of similar skills. The emphasis is placed on participation, effort and sportsmanship. These low key competitions are organized in formats that allow children to play again and again, whether they win or lose. Level 1 and Level 2 Play Days are offered based on age and experience.

Play Events/Festivals are events designed to introduce kids to the sport of tennis in a fun and spirited environment.

Find PlayDays and Play Events/Festivals by area and ability level:

For further assistance in locating a Play Day or Festival, or help with initiating one in your community, contact your local Tennis Service Representative.